Actual conversation that happened today.....

C:  Daddy, what kind of petals will I throw down the aisle at Auntie Suzie's wedding?

J:  Umm..... probably bicycle pedals.

C:  No... I mean at the wedding.  What kind of petals will I throw on the aisle?  Like... what kind of FLOWERS.

J:  No hon... not flower petals.  I think it's going to be bicycle pedals.

C:  hhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrr.  What color will they be?  Blue?  White?

J:  Usually they are silver and black.

C:  Daddy!  Bicycles don't have petals!  What are you trying to prove anyway?  Are you trying to tell me I need to practice riding my bike?

J:  No hon... I was just funnin' you.  I think they will be rose petals.  And they'll likely be white.

C:  You know I can't take a joke, right?

J:  Yes.  I do.


Anonymous said...

BWAH!! Thats hilarious! How old is your little that had this convo with daddy? So funny =]

Regi:Create said...

She is six. It was pretty funny. She was very frustrated for a min. LOL