In loving memory....(kinda)

I have always said that someday I wanted to make a shirt out of my nursing cover.  I got it while we were living in Japan and it was really cute, but not really functional.  It didn't have any boning in the neck area to keep it  laying properly, and it's smaller than the average hider.  Since I don't use it anymore, I decided to craft it up finally.

Here it is in use.  Notice how droopy it is.  Also note:  I now have this nursing cover and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cover.

 Now I just need to fluff it up in the wash.  Cheers!


tifi*cha cha* said...

cute! were you wearing it last night? i love it.

AmberFaith said...

It's cute! I'm a new follower! I found you from Bloggy Moms! (: