Beach Day

So, now that Josh is in class ALL THE TIME, we don't see him much during the days anymore.  No pity necessary... we will POWER through this busy time.  Ganbatte!  To celebrate his last weekend of freedom, we decided to take a beach day/evening.

 Getting ready to leave.  It took me sooo many tries to get her to smile and keep her eyes open!  LOL
 Chillin' on the beach, watching my favorite little people run to and fro.
A moment of snuggle....

 The clan.  Jer was a little confused as to where the "num nums" were....
 Enjoying the sand.  This beach is very rocky... not so good for sand play.  Behind where we were was a playground though, so the kids had plenty to keep them entertained.
 I like this picture cuz it looks like C is standing on J's head.  Funny camera angles make me giggle.
 Gettin in some yoga.  I love sunsets on the beach.  Our God is an amazing artist.
 I was given these flowers on the way home because Josh would be in class on Valentine's Day.  He's so sweet.
Final thought for you today.... Peace!


A Plummer's Life said...

What great pics! You have a beautiful family!

tifi*cha cha* said...

oh my goodness, the first pic...they look like twins!

Joshua Dean said...

.I loved that day - I love my family - I love my life.