At long last, the Ezzo info/AAP Babywise warning cards are finally here! They are glossy for easy slipping/sliding into Babywise books and full color on both sides. You can request them by writing to us, or chipping in a few bucks for the cost of their production/shipping. Be sure to include a note that says you are requesting Babywise info cards!

Suggested donation (includes shipping):
$3 for a set of 25 info cards
$5 for a set of 50 info cards
$10 for a set of 100 info cards



tifi*cha cha* said...

hahaa. we followed babywise with isabelle. hope we can still be friends..heeehee. :)
but, just so you know, i nursed her every two hours when she was a newborn (this was all following the book) and it told us when she would probably need fed more (during growth spurts) and it was right on. she has been off the charts in length and weight since she was little. she started sleeping 12 hours during the night at 4 months...and i nursed her for a year. it worked great for us.
the reason we chose the book was b/c we have several friends and family who used it and we were impressed...everyone we know that has tried it has thrived. i don't necessarily think it's for everyone but i didn't experience one of those issues on the cards. just saying :)

Regi:Create said...

I suppose we can still be friends.... JK! Of course we're still friends. I'm sure it does work just fine for many people. I just thought I'd pass along the info. I figure, if people are aware of the issues in question, they can make their own decisions and/or modify the program to work for them. YOU are the expert on your child..... not anyone (be it Ezzo or Dr. Sears) else.