This makes me happy

This does not

This makes me happy

This does not

This makes me happy.

What makes you happy today?


Cloth Diaper Contests said...

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Joshua Dean said...

Today - happy that I got up a blogposting. Unhappy that I therefore did not get homework done and therefore have pushed it back one more day (I'm just setting myself up for a homework avalanche).
Happy everyday to be married to you :)

Gracie said...

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Momma Needs Coffee said...

New follower here! :)


Mama to 4 said...

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Mama Ash said...

Oh, I love this post, very nice LOL!

Mama Ash said...

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Mama Swears said...

Sleeping babies while I enter A Blogtastic Extravaganza makes me happY!

Show Me Mama said...

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Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...

Sleeping babies make me happy too! :)
I'm a new Bloggy Mom follower!

Lisa said...

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Lisa xoxo

Anonymous said...

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RaisingGreenRichmondKids said...

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Today I am happy because my daughter made me laugh so hard this morning that I was on the ground in stiches.

Denise said...

Happy to find ur blog!!! LOVE BLOGS!