Small changes in the house...

As ya'll know.. this house is a constant work in progress.  Here are some of our recent small changes:

 My favorite thing in the kitchen.  My home soda maker!  We are having sooo much fun with this.  
 Thanks mom for the awesome canisters!  
 I have mint growing in the kitchen.  It keeps the ants away!  Really!
 This is J's "grow with me" Christmas tree.  
 Look!  There was a table under all the junk!!  Side note on the table.... It was a craigslist find.  It is actually a wood table that I covered with contact paper.  It makes it look so cute don't you think?  Perfect craft surface!  
 This area is a work in progress.... it will be a nice and organized toy area for the kids.  This shelf came from Ikea.
 We had some flooding.... so we had to place a barricade of sandbags to keep water out of our unintentional moat.
 My grandma gave me this cool wall candle holder.  I put it here and moved the pictures that were there to:
 C's room is too small to keep her desk in it.  We decided to move it into J's room and use it as a changing table/diaper area.  It's actually really nice to have the drawers for keeping things like this:
 New mirror.  This is where I sit and get myself ready on the rare occasion that I do so!  LOL
 I keep a little basket of current reading material close to the bed.  I have always read multiple books at once... I never go through them one at a time.  
 I won these babies at my pampered chef Christmas party.  They need names.  Any ideas?
Yes it is.  Thank you, Kendra!

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Kendra said...

It looks so beautiful! Good pick Gina =)