Creative playtime

I love toys that inspire kids to be creative and use their brains!  It's so much more constructive than watching tv ya know?  C was given this awesome toy for Christmas:

It's basically just 200 little pieces of wood.  Josh and I were laughing about how many it would take as flooring to cover the whole living room.  Anyway, it occupied our little gal for the whole evening.  

It comes with instructions on how to make several different configurations.  It also includes two little balls that are very similar to ping pong balls.  Check out her neat contraption:

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SoMo Mom said...

Wow! That is actually very impressive!! Looks like you may have an aspiring engineer in your family. Thanks for the comment love today on www.southernmomentum.com. Hope you enjoy the site... we are always looking for anti-supermom ways to inspire our readers so stay tuned!!