2011 "Goals"

So, I came to a painful realization today.  I realized that I spend most of my life inside my home.  There are so many weeks that go by and I don't leave the house for several days at a time.  This is not because my kids are too hard to take out... they LOVE being out and about.  It's because I get stuck in a mundane daily tasks rut.  So from today on, I want to make sure that we spend time outside EVERY DAY.  Even if it means we hang out in our yard....(which has a long way to go before it's nice.)  I'm going to sell my pampered chef butt off and get some outdoor play equipment so that on those days where we have nowhere to go, we can still enjoy ourselves in the beautiful creation that is all around us.  Time outside.  Every day.  Who's with me?

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Julia @ Natural Parents Network said...

You are so right! I was thinking this recently as well. My excuse is I HATE the cold and, to me, anything under 60 degrees is cold. So my little girl who loves the outdoor is forced to stay inside with cold old me. We even have a nice playground in our neighborhood. I've got to start letting her play outside more. I know she would love it!