So, I have decided that my family will travel by car or train from now on. I shall take a boat if I decide to travel between Japan and the US in the future. Boo to big government.


Rebecca H said...

That may change when you realize that J probably can't take an extra week or 2 off work to account for the extra travel time. I only wish we were flying instead of driving at Christmas....we would gain an extra 4 days in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

i don't think so Tim. I'll just make sure to let the TSA guy know what a perv I think he is for touching me that way.

hapybrian said...

Seriously! If I have time, I'll go to the airport one day early so I can make a fuss if they try anything uncool. "Dude, feel free to touch me any way you'd feel comfortable touching your own mom, OK?!". The way the country is changing, I'd say the terrorists were successful--we have been terrorized to the point that we're turning into a police state. Boo!