C-chan's Halloween party style!

So, my kiddo went to a friend's "Halloween Birthday Party".  It was a really cute idea/party.  C-chan wanted to be Tinkerbell (surprise surprise), so we had this cute costume that she wore, and some super cute Tink shoes.  But what to do with her hair?  Her face?  I wanted to take her costume up a notch, so we did some very glittery make-up.

For her hair, I used my waver to give it some bend.  Then I put it in a high ponytail to look kinda like Tink's bun. C-chan's hair is too short to do a big bun like that.  This is what we did.

After that, I started work on her face.  Some of you may remember last year's face paint:

Well..... she wanted something a bit more "fairy-ish" this year.  So I pulled out all my green eye shadows and some glitter and this is how we ended up lookin'

But what to do for J-kun?  Well.... that costume that C-chan wore last year was given new life.  All I did was cuff up the legs and sleeves, throw a stitch in said cuffs, and 'tada!'  costume for J-kun.  Call him Jack-Jack.  Now all I gotta do is get some red hair gel and we are all set for Halloween night. 

Did I mention how much I LOOOOOVE having a sewing machine? 

Until next time~


Me and My 3 Sons said...

Her hair & make up were PERFECT!!!
They both looked adorable!!!

Regi:Create said...